Recap of Session 4 – “Age of the Raven”

At the cemetery…

Dramatis Personae


Iznogoud | Caliban Dashing Rogue | Djuro

Slingbill | Human Monster Hunter | Mats

These guys were absent this session:


Sigurd Slapptask | Human Bounty Hunter | Flan

Quatsing | Caliban Avenger | Martin

Ernie ”MacWyvern” Lint | Elf Survivalist | Berndt


Session Four – The Candyman Killer

The session started with everyone back at the Full Moon Inn. Food was had. Drinks was consumed. Discussion on what to do next was held. Except for Duncan D’Lute, the business man from Port d’Elhour the PCs was alone in the inn. Shortly before dusk Mr D’Lute went to his room for an early evening. Shortly after that, a sickly stench spread in the cosy inn, making the PCs feel sick and worried (especially Ernie and Quatsing). Sigurd went outside to check what was going on. At the same time a commotion was heard from the 2nd floor, with loud crashes and bangs as someone was trashing the room. Together with the landlord, Master Bascolm, Iznogoud and Slingbill went up the stairs. The sounds emanated from Mr D’Lutes room along with loud animal grunts. The landlord opened the door, just to see an inhuman version of Mr D’Lute come at the door with a snarl at it’s face. Our heroes managed to close the door and then kicked it in, throwing the foul creature off its feet. A short but fierce battle ensued, but the creature had no chance against the heroes’ sharp blades. Staring at the bloody headless corpse, it was concluded that this indeed was Mr D’Lute, although in a changed form…

Meanwhile outside, Sigurd followed the vile stench around the building and found a trail of footsteps, lined with black ichor and bits of putrid flesh.

When things had calmed down, it was decided that Ernie, Quatsing and Sigurd should stay at the inn, taking care of the innkeeper and his family, while Iznogoud and Slingbill should follow the disgusting track to wherever it would lead them.

The tracks seemed to originate outside the village, in the swamp maybe, and seemed to lead towards the cemetery. While following the tracks, a loud female shriek of terror was heard. The PCs ran in the direction they thought was right. Then, a second scream echoed through the night – in the opposite direction! Iznogoud and Slingbill ran towards the new sound and made a grisly find: the daughter of the innkeeper – Lillin Bascombe – lying face down in a pool of her own blood, and around her, a ring of five pieces of red liquorice! The girl was dead, having suffered multiple terrible knife wounds. Soon, constable Gremin and his two deputies arrived, and together the PCs and the lawmen ran into the narrow streets to find the killer. These efforts turned out to be fruitless, as the killer was long gone. The constable told Iznogoud that this was the 6th murder in the same style, complete with red liquorice, and that they had started to occur before the PCs arrived, so they were not suspects. He also told them that the red liquorice was sold at the Bakery. Our heroes decided to go back home and regroup.

The next morning they went to the Bakery and talked to Louise D’Cann who told them that her biggest customers were: Mordu (the village weirdo), Jean Tarascon (the missing brother of Luc and Marcel) and the Bordell children (kids of the local carpenter). Iznogoud and Slingbill went to talk to them all.

Mordu was indeed a weirdo, a hobby conspirationist with his own theories on what has befallen the village: basically all the problems are due to an evil cult intent on awakening the Old Swamp God. Mordu also volunteered to help with the investigations.

Jean Tarascon was of course nowhere to be found.

The Bordell children (there’s eight or nine of them) were quite innocuous, but their father, Marcus, could tell that old Hogarth was the first to die out on the plantation fields, and that he immediately rose up as an undead abomination. This happened about three weeks ago. Marcus suggest that they speak to old Pierrot the cemetery caretaker, or the village priest Brucian.

The caretaker’s cottage was closest, so they went there first. The grumpy old geezer told them that he was tired of all this kerfuffle and that he planned to quit his job and move to Port D’Elhour as soon as the stormy season blew over. He also related that it all had started about a month ago when Luc and Jean had returned one night with their dead big brother Marcel. He also said that he never buried Marcel, since Jean took the body with him and disappeared. This was also when Luc went mad and was sent to the house in the swamp by Jean. Our heroes then asked to see the burial records for a month back, but were informed that Pierrot kept them in his office at the cemetery…

Later that night, the PCs brought some gear and went to the cemetery to get the papers. They used rope and grapple to negotiate the 10-foot wall and snuck into the new cemetery near the wall to the old parts. From the wall they could see that the old cemetery was totally overgrown with thick and twisted vines, hiding the mausolea and tombs in a massive growth. As they approached the caretaker’s office they heard some sounds coming from another part of the cemetery and went sneaking to inspect. A smaller mausoleum was open and sounds was heard from within.

Non-human sounds…


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