Recap of Session 5 – “Age of the Raven”

In the grooveyard…

Dramatis Personae

Slingbill | Human Monster Hunter | Mats

Sigurd Slapptask | Human Bounty Hunter | Flan

Quatsing | Caliban Avenger | Martin

Ernie ”MacWyvern” Lint | Elf Survivalist | Berndt


Absent this session (a.k.a “gone to the loo”):

Iznogoud | Caliban Dashing Rogue | Djuro


Session Five – In the Grooveyard

The session started in media res with Iznogoud and Slingbill in the graveyard in the middle of the night, battling a howling storm… Last session they had heard strange noises from one of the tombs, and sneaking closer, they noticed that the mausoleum doors were ajar. Our heroes quickly decided to withdraw and return with more troops.

After going back to the Full Moon Inn to fetch the rest of the crew they returned to the graveyard and entered the same way as last time. Quatsing and Iznogoud was entrusted to stay by the cemetery wall and keep watch.

The tomb was silent now. They cautiously snuck in and found the empty coffin belonging to a certain Jazeel Thoreng lying on the stone floor. The chains had been ripped apart as had the padlock on the doors to the tomb. Someone, or something had let out the dead from the coffin…

Subsequently, they tried to break into the d’Tarascon family mausoleum, but failed horribly due to the lack of lock picks.

The group decided to split up: MacFly was to try to track the putrid trail outside the wall; Slingbill and Sigurd was to investigate the caretaker’s office by the cemetery gates.

With a loud crash, Sigurd kicked in the door and they searched the place looking for the keys to the Old Cemetery and the funeral ledgers. They found the wanted items as well as keys to all the padlocks and on top of that, Sigurd stole old Pierot’s 12 silver ducats without hesitation. Suddenly, loud voices was heard outside the gates – someone had heard the crash from the kicked-in door, and now they were coming to investigate. Sigurd and Slingbill retreated the same way they had entered.

Meanwhile outside the wall, Ernie managed to pick up the track of the stinking creature and managed to follow the track to the eastern side of the graveyard before losing it again. Trying to pick up the trail again, he instead found a small triangular opening in the cemetery hill, surrounded by two stone slabs and hidden behind some vegetation.

The group decided to immediately investigate the opening, which turned out to be a 100-120 foot long low tunnel dug in the moist earth, leading into the Old Cemetery. (Quatsing and Iznogoud was still on the outside keeping watch). They also found a strange six-star pattern engraved in one of the stones at the tunnel opening.

The PCs exited the tunnel from under the base of a broken statue of an angel holding a spear. In front of them: a huge mausoleum. To the right: more tombs. Lots of them. All hidden in dense vegetation and the ground covered in century old leaves and rotting debris. As they approached the smaller tomb to the right, there was a luminous flash, followed by ear-deafening thunder. And the rain began to fall. Like a monsoon. The flash also revealed a six-star pattern on the slightly ajar doors of the nearest tomb. Sigurd listened at the door, and hearing nothing he entered the dusty tomb with a lantern in his hand, trying to find any clues. Suddenly, he realised that he wasn’t alone! In the corner, a tall zombie-like thing armed with two axes, was staring at him with its red glowing eyes… Sigurd dropped the lantern and ran outside again, where the the PCs drew their arms and braced themselves for the upcoming battle. The thing swung at them with its axes, but being faster and better armed, the PCs quickly managed to damage the thing badly with sword and spear and finally a mighty blow from Sigurd’s greatsword clove the abomination. As they stood there, regaining breath, a sigh was heard from the right and another undead thing came shuffling towards them through the debris. Slingbill attacked, cleaving its ugly head in a few swooping cuts.

The PCs investigated the tomb, finding a coffin marked with the six-star sign. It was also evident that someone had been here disturbing the coffin recently. In the coffin they found an empty ivory scroll case, but no corpse.

Then the PCs heard a commotion to the northwest, and observed a large mob of moaning and shuffling things making their way towards the cemetery gates (to the new cemetery), taking no interest in our heroes. Realising that the undead horde was probably on their way to the village, Ernie ran to the wall to tell Quatsing and Iznogoud what was happening, urging them to warn the villagers of the imminent danger.

At the same time, Slingbill and Sigurd investigated the larger building. They saw a sickly yellow light escaping the inside from small-paned windows high above and carved stone steps leading to a pair of large stone doors. Sigurd pushed the doors open and was greeted with a horrendous sight: a large hall, floor covered by broken bones and rotting carrion. In the center, a raised platform made of bones and on the platform a throne made of more bones, all illuminated by the moon through a huge glass dome in the roof. Two braziers made from human skulls flanked the platform. And sitting on the throne: a most hideous zombie-thing in an expensive but tattered red robe. And most offensive of all: the stench of decay, death and week-old rot. Our heroes tried to resist the stench, but couldn’t, which resulted in Slingbill losing physical strength (-1 to CON) and Sigurd feeling weary and distanced (-2 to CHA). Despite the reflex to run away, the brave warriors stepped into the room, weapons drawn, only to realise that the Marcel thing had company. Lots of them – six zombies and two of the greyish red-eyed zombies armed with longbows.

The thing spoke, claiming to be Marcel d’Tarascon, Lord of the Undead and followed by demanding that they return a certain “scroll of the six signs”. At the same time the six undead attacked the PCs. Our heroes fell back just outside the doors to create a choke point and bravely fought the monsters, killing two of them. Then they drew to the side and the Undead Lord himself decided to step in and finish our heroes. Some lucky rolls and wise use of combat manoeuvres repelled its attack and forced it to retreat, but it was too late. A combination of sword chops decapitated the Lord of the Undead! The undead thralls hesitated but resumed their attack.

At this point, a tremendous flash struck down from the skies and shattered the glass dome of the tomb. At the same time, the moon above was seemingly swallowed by a giant maw and turned all red! The undead lost all initiative and just stood dumb-founded, looking at the moon, giving the PCs the opportunity to cut them down without resistance.

Meanwhile, after warning their friends, Ernie was to return to the others when he heard a sound behind him. A crazed man looking a bit like Luc, dressed in a black cloak and brandishing a large curved dagger came at him, slashing in the moist air. Ernie cast a spell and teleported out of danger, up on the cemetery wall. The crazy man turned around and ran towards the others. MacFly tried another spell, but failed and the man reached the others outside the big mausoleum. He assailed Slingbill, causing a deep cut in his arm. Sling bill missed his riposte but Sigurd struck the madman with the flat side of his sword, beating him unconscious.

After a brief search of the old cemetery and the fallen foes, our heroes returned to the village.

There were much death and destruction, but the villagers had managed to stave off the attacks, much thanks to the warning provided by Quatsing and Iznogoud. Constable Gremin also told them that the undead had stopped fighting when the moon turned red and that the villagers had been able to cut them down while they were in a trance-like state.

The undead threat had been averted, but many questions still remain:

1. What is this scroll Marcel was talking about?

2. What is going on on the d’Tarascon plantation?

3. What happened to the brothers that night a month ago?

4. What was happening with the moon?

5. What about the shady priest with the 3-eyed raven?

6. More?