Session 3 – The Crucible of Freya (Lost Lands)

Orcus – Lord of the Undead

Game System | Blood & Treasure Complete

Setting/World | The Lost Lands by Frog God & Necromancer Games

Dramatis Personae

The Old Sleaze | Human Sorcerer 1 | Martin

Blitz Dunkelsturm | Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Jamboor 1 [Death domain] | Berndt

Brah At Hamed | Human Barbarian 1 | Djuro

Corian | Human Wizard 1 | NPC

Galdar | Human Cleric of Thyr 1 | NPC

Extras in the Crucible:

Lauriel | Human Fighter 2 | NPC

Hathol | Human Fighter 1 | NPC

Absent this session

Hoder | Ogre Fighter 1 [Brute variant] | Flan


Session Three – The Keep

Taking the place of slain Gunwald the dwarven ranger, this session introduced Brah At Hamed – a human barbarian from some god-forgotten desert wasteland. Brah has a background as a travelling executioner, offering his services and then moving on.

Brah is very strong (Str 18) but also very clumsy (Dex 3) which will undoubtedly give some fine opportunities for role playing*.

Last session ended with the protagonists standing in the Keep, drenched in gore, having just slain the last enemy. However, the black-clad sinister type and his orcs are still left, barricaded in the chapel.

Hoder is posted outside the chapel, making sure they don’t get any nasty surprises.

Then the party search the Northwest tower, but find nothing.

They search the Gate tower and find that the orcs have disabled the maneuver mechanism for the portcullis.

Next they search the Northeast tower – Blitz kick in door on the upper floor. After checking the rotten floor, Blitz enters down the stone stairs. After a few steps down, he hears a rattling sound and runs up again. After him, 2 giant spiders follow! Blitz and Galdar takes a stand in the doorway. They throw in flasks of oil, setting fire to the wooden rubble inside. The spiders panic and try to get out and there’s a fight in the doorway. Sleaze the Sorcerer shoots arrows with his hand crossbow, charging them with elemental power. Blitz fights the biggest spider along with Galdar, who is hit in the chest for serious damage + poison. Dying, in a last heroic act Galdar throws himself on the spider making it hard for it to move. (Actually, he missed both his survival save and on top of that fumbled his poison save, so he fell into the flaming tower, but don’t tell anyone because they think he’s a bona fide hero). Then, Blitz is hit for serious damage (0hp), but makes his poison save as well as the death save. He falls unconscious to the ground, leaving Sleaze to do the fighting. Luckily for Sleaze, the spider finally dies from fire damage. Blitz is revived with a healing potion, but has become deaf by some weird poison effect and now HE TALKS VERY LOUD ALL THE TIME.

The PCs decide to investigate the Southwest tower. On the first floor they find a lot if once valuable but now urine-contaminated rugs. In a corner, Brah At Hamed is found bound. He doesn’t want to talk about what the orcs did to him (but he’s pretty f-ing NOT ok). They find most of his gear on the 2nd floor where the ogre used to live. When searching the tower they find a secret trap door in the floor under the urine-rugs (which were removed with some barfing involved).

Too late to help, Corian returns with five rowdy characters that he has picked up in the taverns and seedier places of Fairhill, by promising adventure, loot and fame. (This congregation of riff-raff are to be the new secondary characters).

After some discussion, the PCs decide to wait with investigating the trap door, instead taking care of the last enemies. The plan is most simple: attack chapel head on. Hoder the ogre and Brah the barbarian break open the doors, and throw in flaming oil. One orc is set on fire. The orcs attack, and their black clad leader Tavik stays back at first, observing. Hoder and Brah storm into the chapel room in a rage. However, Brah’s low AC (Dex 3) makes him take a beating since all enemies hit him all the time. Blitz, Lauriel and Sleaze stand outside behind a low wall of dead orcs, and shoot missiles into the chapel. Sleaze-o uses Mage Hand to put out the evil looking black candle that sits on the altar. Tavik now joins the battle, and is wounded bad by a massive sword blow by Hoder and retaliates by casting Hold on Ho(l)der. Having neutralized the ogre for later, he charges out of the chapel but are hit badly by crit missile fire and dies in front of the chapel! The body and all his possessions immediately dissolves, leaving a ashen burn on the ground.

When the chapel is searched, treasure and some evil books dedicated to Orcus is discovered.

Our heroes now return to the Southwest tower, to try to open the trap door. Finally, after much trying it opens. The room below is a mess. Apparently, the previous residents have used it as a trash bin. However, the center of the room is free from debris, revealing a second trap door spiked with silver nails and the crack between the floor and the hatch is lined with silver coins. On the walls, lots of garlic hang on nails. There’s also garlic tossed on the floor. Brah throws down an orc head to see what happens. However, nothing happens. Now Blitz and Sleaze chicken out, and won’t enter the room. Brah laughs at the waeklings and lowers himself down with a rope. He then proceeds with removing a silver coin. Still, nothing happens…

All the silver and garlic have made the PCs nervous, thinking of vampires or worse. They decide to go back to Fairhill to rest and resupply before taking on the vampire.

They collect loot from all the orcs and the rest of the Keep and return to village, where they are greeted as heroes. As a token of gratitude, they are moved to the Noble House, generally reserved for nobles and other bigwhigs. Then there’s a big party held in their honor.

The PCs talk to Arden about taking over the Keep as a base. After some thought and discussion with his peers, Arden agrees. It is advantageous to have the heroes live there and be available to help the village as well as keeping bad guys out of the area. After a few pints of mead, Blitz tries to make a pass at Shandril the hot elven cleric of Freya, but alas, she’s not into dwarves…

They also hear rumors of a vampire in the Keep. Apparently, everyone knows that rumour, except the heroes.

And this is where we stopped the session.

*This was rolled using 3d6 in order – I saw it myself. The normal for this campaign is roll 4d6, remove the lowest, arrange as wished, but of course I allow 3d6 in order if the players want to do that.

The players all rolled up an extra character as backup if the main character dies. We also discussed using several PCs per player sometimes and maybe take turns adventuring with the two PCs. We’ll see how this works out.


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