Session 10 – The Stoneheart Dungeon (Lost Lands)


Dark forest…

Game System | Blood & Treasure Complete

Setting/World | The Lost Lands by Frog God & Necromancer Games

Dramatis Personae

Blitz Dunkelsturm | Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Jamboor 5 [Death domain] | Berndt

Haxxl Rosethorne | Wild Elf Duelist 3 | Berndt

Angelina d’Monica III | Human Assassin 3 [Acrobat variant] | Djuro

Alba Dayanite | Half Elf Psychic 2/ Magic-User 2 | Djuro

Rektolas | High Elf Fighter 3 | Mats

Nitrolas | High Elf Magic-User 3 | Mats

The Old Sleaze | Human Sorcerer 3 | Martin

Make Me | Human Paladin 3 | Martin

Meatshields & NPCs

Men-At-Arms | Darkwolf | Fuldo | Garfield | Garfunkel

Torchbearers | Ranulf | Wee Dingwall

Absent this session


Hoder | Ogre Fighter 4 [Brute variant] | Flan

Fenrir the Vain | Human Barbarian 3 [Thane variant] | Flan

Session Ten – Blood and Bones


 Haxxl, Alba and Rektolas leveled up (Dul 4, Psy/M-U 3 and Ftr 4 respectively).

This session began with the players just sitting up on their horses after having spent the night outside the ravaged temples of Thyr and Muir.

According to the crude map provided by Manchego the gnome in Bard’s Gate, the dungeon should be located in a forest about 10 miles further up the valley. After a few hours of travel with mountains on both sides and a river to the right, Rektolas’ sharp elven eyes spots glinting metal on the other side of the river, about 2 miles away. It’s too far to see any details but there seem to be movement. The party quickly dismount and assume low positions along the river bank. Whoever (or whatever) it is over there seem oblivious to the PCs and move away towards the northeast.

Our heroes resume their trek and soon spot the treeline further ahead. When they come nearer, the forest looks impenetrable, full of twisted trees and dense undergrowth. A quick survey reveal a fairly well-traveled trail skirting the edge of the forest, but no one can tell if it’s made by animals or men. Manchego’s instructions mentioned a path marked by stones that should lead from the edge of the forest to the dungeon. After some searching the PCs find a path into the forest, marked by two mostly overgrown obelisks. Blitz ventures inside and already 20 feet in, the twisted trees and vegetation of the forest seems to swallow all outside sounds as well as light.

The party must now continue on foot as the forest is too dense to travel by horse. After some hour of slow travel with many detours, the scout (Rektolas the elf) spots a huge tree with the path splitting to go around the tree. Advancing carefully, he spots several bodies hanging from the branches, wrapped up in some resinous rope-like substance. The elf warns the others and runs up the path and around the tree to scout ahead. As the others arrive they see even more bodies hanging higher up in the forest canopy. Haxxl and Angelina stalks off into the forest to see if anyone’s hiding there. Before they can decide what to do, four large (about 4 feet diameter) spiders drop upon the party, now spread on a long line along the path. A frantic battle ensue and Make Me the paladin is bit by a spider, succumbing to it’s venom. Luckily, Alba manages to cast a sleep spell that neutralizes two of the spiders, allowing the final two to be fought and killed. Luckily, the paladin will live, but he’s now weakened both by blood loss and spider venom (-3 to strength).

The PCs climb the tree and cut down the lowest hanging bodies, which turns out to be dead ordinary humans with no valuables on them. After a quick rest, it is decided that the meatshields should stay here with the horses while the characters continue towards the dungeon.

After a scary walk with odd scuttling sounds following them, the narrow path suddenly opens up to reveal a large clearing with an angular large crag standing in front of them. And in the base of the crag – an arched opening, framed by two half-toppled and soot-blackened pillars…

Moving closer, it is apparent that this once was a center of good, but now it has been defiled by evil. The stone blackened by soot and dirt. Good runes and symbols overwritten by evil looking runes and infernal grafitti. Rektolas runs into the dark opening, full speed…

The rest of the PCs follow shortly, wondering what’s going on and find the elf standing in the first room, apparently some antechamber before a long and dark corridor into the mountain. As outside, the room has been defiled and nothing of value can be found. Being able to see in the dark, the non-humans take the lead, with the humans following with torches. Old Sleaze the sorceror puts a light spell on his staff. Some 25 feet into the corridor there’s an opening to the right, leading to a small room with a cot and and a small table, which might have been an office of sorts once but now is in ruins. Meanwhile, Haxxl has detected what might be a secret door in the left wall (just past the “office”). He consults the dwarf who concur that there is some kind of stone construction there, but they can’t seem to find out exactly what: door or trap?

The PCs decide to move on to see what’s ahead of them and some 45 feet from the “office” the corridor opens up to a huge room (70×80 feet), dominated by a 25 foot diameter font in the center. The room and font radiate an almost tangible feel of evil and terror, seemingly emanating from a grisly red luminescent chaos rune on the font. The font is spurting forth blood and it’s basin is filled with bones. As the PCs are taking all this is, the blood starts to bubble and the bones merge together into skeletal creatures with glowing red eyes, armed with spectral swords and shields. Four of the undead exit the font and attack! After a few blows have been dealt, Blitz the cleric manages to turn them and they cover and move away from him. At the same time four new skeletal forms are born from the font and lunge themselves at the characters. Despite being more in numbers, the PCs get hammered by the undead and the paladin takes a critical hit, felling him to the stone floor, bleeding from a deep wound (-3 hp but he manages his death save). The PCs rally to drag him into safety and cut down two of the undead. The cleric manages to turn the last two, who join their turned comrades in a corner… Alba binds the paladin’s wounds and gives him a healing potion (thus stabilising him). As they make a fighting retreat and drag the barely conscious paladin toward the exit from the room, four new skeletons climb out of the font…

And here we had to break the session. To be continued…