Session 4 | New York | Operation F.U.B.A.R


Game system: Call of Cthulhu 6th ed

Dramatis personae
Justin Case | NYPD Detective | 32 yrs | Djuro
Carl Blackwater | Foreign correspondant | 31 yrs | Martin
Edward Foxworthy | Big game hunter | 34 yrs | Flan

Absent this session
H.P Rennfarth | NYPD Forensics specialist | 27 yrs | Mats
Ulla Bengtsson | Professor (Chemistry) Columbia Uni | 48 yrs | Berndt

Link to background stories and portraits

Operation FUBAR

New York, Saturday January 17th, 1925 | about 7.00 p.m.

They dig deep, my lord…

As the police investigators plan to leave the den of vice, Det. Case changes his mind and decides to investigate the strange tunnel to prevent any bad guys from getting away. Remembering seeing a knotted rope on a shelf, he uses the rope to climb the steep tunnel. Inside, the smell of burnt machine grease and metal on metal gets stronger. Studying the walls, the policeman realize that the marks in the stone resembles teeth marks. Human teeth marks… For a moment, fear almost wins, but then he continues his downward climb. The tunnel exits into a narrow (4 ft high) service culvert, perpendicular to the length of the sloping tunnel. The culvert is full of electrical wiring, fuseboxes and other electrical gear servicing the subway system. Case cannot recall any subway stations in this area…

The short culvert ends in a steel hatch that shows signs of having been forced and then closed to hide the break-in. The hatch exits into a subway tunnel, where the rumble of the steel beasts is never far away. The detective knows that the trains go with approximately 5 minute intervals and since one train just went by, he should have some time to check out the tunnel, cautiosly avoiding the current-bearing center track.

Opposite the culvert hatch he spots some plywood boards, covered by dark grey woolen blankets that has been propped up against the wall. Case sneak over the tracks and cautiously look behind the plywood and finds another “chewed” circular tunnel running straight into the rock. This tunnel is wider than the sloping one. This is where Case decides to withdraw to come back later in force.

Back in Fat Maybelle’s basement the remaining men board up the place and place police investigation signs on all the entrances. The patrons as well as suspects along with illegal contraband has already been transported to the precinct.

Laundry life…

Meanwhile, in the abandoned laundry shop, now rented by the investigators, a steady stream of people of all walks of life has been starting to arrive at the closed for the day Ju Ju House. And no one comes out. After some more time, four men arrive carrying a heavy mat which they bring into the shop. The investigators wait, but no one comes out…

Panic at the precinct


Det. Case and the boss

When Case, Rennfarth and the kid report back at the police HQ in order to start interrogating the people detained from Fat Maybelle’s, they find the place in a state of dissolution. Someone sends Case to the boss immediately.

Case finds the police chief sitting behind his desk, his regularly kept uniform unbottoned and the tie loose around his neck, an opened bottle of whiskey on the table.

Apparently, Lt. Poole has been reported kidnapped and a small box was left for Det. Case. Case opens the box, which contains a chopped off ringfinger with Poole’s marriage ring on it… The box also contain a small paper note that says, in neat handwriting:

“Hart Island. Tonight. And no cops”.

After some persuasion, Capt. Malone agrees to letting Case use his civilian “troubleshooter friends” to go to Hart Island. The police chief even agrees to let Case take out some more Thompsons and a few shotguns to be able to properly arm his team of civilian vigilantes… They will also be able to use one of the police boats on Manhattan.

Before leaving, Case orders the bar patrons released with a fine and the suspected criminals are placed in custody until he can come back and interrogate them. Then he and Rennfarth hastily drive to the Ju Ju House stakeout to get the others.

Tastes like chicken, smells like napalm

The civilians at the laundry tell the police investigators that about 20 people have entered the shop during the last 3 hours, and about the guys with the rolled up rug. The PCs discuss that maybe Lt. Poole was in the rug and that the island note might be a red herring. It is decided that Ju Ju House will get a visit before going to the island…


“The Kid” checking out his Tommy gun…

Weapons are loaded up and checked for function. Straps and buckles are tightened. Extra ammo is tucked in pockets. Groovy…

Case, Foxworthy, Blackwater and “the kid” (Case’s NPC police constable protégé) are to conduct the raid, while Bengtsson and Rennfarth will stay in the laundry as backup (as those players weren’t present).

The team sneak into the alley and up to the shop door. Case tries to open the door using his lockpick tools, but it’s not locked. These guys are obviously not afraid of break-ins…

The investigators sneak into the shop, finding it empty. Faint grunts are heard from behind a drape behind the counter. Elephant gun in front of him, Edward peeks behind the drapes to fins a small kitchenette and a toilet, where Silas N’Kwane is taking care of nature’s needs. Looking up from his 3-day old newspaper, Silas looks into the barrel of a two-barrel elephant gun… Edward presses the barrels against the old man’s forehead, asking him to tell where all the people went. Silas solemnly denies that there is anyone else in the shop and asks if he can wipe himself, reaching for some low-quality toilet paper on a shelf. Edward tells him to sit still, but Silas disregards that and goes for the paper anyway, only to receive a rifle-butt to the face. The man slides off the toilet, barely conscious. Behind the TP, Edward sees the glint of a straight razor… “Trying to kill me, eh?” Furiously, he grabs the razor and slits old Silas’ throat. Searching the body, he finds an old key on a leather thong.

The premises are searched, revealing a trap door under the rug behind the counter. Beneath, a wooden stair leads down to a straight stone corridor leading to a stout iron-band reinforced oak door, where weird chanting and drumbeat can be heard as well as screams of terror. A lonely kerosene lamp is hanging from a hook in the roof and strange occult symbols are scribbled on the walls as well as on the door. The investigators have seen nothing like it, not even Carl, who is a student of all things dark and occult.

A quick strategy is drawn up. After opening the door, the PCs will enter the room and place themselves just inside the door and blast away at anyone or anything inside. The door is open and the exstatic people inside doesn’t notice it swinging up…

As the door opens up, they see some twenty naked people dancing, wearing only red tentacle headdresses. Six drummers along the walls keep a droning beat going. To the right is a kind of wooden contraption designed to lift a large stone slab off the floor and opposite the stone slab two naked and terrified women are tied to wooden poles jutting out of the wall. One of the women is fighting to get free, the other seems to have resigned in the face of her own fate. Both have parallel claw marks across their skin.

And in the center of the large rectangular room, a shaman dressed in a feathered robe is dancing and chanting, his hands adorned in claw-like metal gauntlets.

Suddenly, the shaman burst into flames, screaming. He has been hit with a booze molotov from “the kid”. Everything stops, everyone looking at the man aflame, then the gazes turn towards the door. Twenty furious pairs of eyes against the investigators, hands clenching in animal anger at such blasphemy…

Then the silence is broken by the sound of gunfire. Case and the kid sweeps the room with full auto-fire with their Tommy guns, while Carl fires away with a Mauser rifle. Edward shoots the burning but still standing shaman with his elephant gun, killing him instantly. After killing a man and wounding another, Case’s Tommy gun jams and he drops it and drawn a shotgun instead, loosing valuable time against the approaching cultists. Just after, the kid’s Tommy gun jams as well, forcing him to resort to his backup shotgun as well. Thompson machine guns…unreliable modern shit…

The hailstorm of lead send many of the cultists falling, blood spilling on the stone but they keep coming at the PCs, and is getting into melee range, grappling for the weapons. Two cultists are running towards the contraption and starts cranking a big wheel, setting the stone slab in motion. Sensing that the stone slab should not be allowed to open, the kid and Edward concentrate their fire on the cultists operating the crank, killing them.

Despite being in firepower superiority, the sheer number and the fanaticism of the cultists forces the PCs to retreat outside the room to create a choke point. Suddenly, the cultists fall back a little. A drape in the back of the room opens and four shambling, rotting shapes starts moving towards the PCs. Once human, now something else, the creatures attack the investigators, the cultists following in their tracks.



The investigators become hard pressed, both physically and mentally as the creatures are truly unnatural and frightening, but the manage to keep their heads cool. Despite many solid hits and even molotov hits, the creatures keep coming and eventually the investigators must make a fighting retreat up the stair into the shop, setting it on fire behind them. Without hesitation, they throw down old Silas body, watching the snarling creatures devour his flesh… While the creatures feed, the PCs fire away into their dead but strangely alive bodies, eventually killing them all.

“And now what? Some ten cultists are still down there, some of them people of note. People that could kill a career just like that. Not to talk of the two female victims who are still down there as well. Not to mention the two police issue Thompson SMGs lying on the floor… And no sign of Lt. Poole… And is that police sirens in the distance…?”

Damn! This is so FUBAR…

To be continued…


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