Obituaries | Gallery of Honor

Back to the mud…

A list of the valiant (and not-so-valiant) characters, major NPCs and foolish hirelings that has fallen in this campaign. Also, many of the casualties are collateral damage ūüėČ

Player Characters

Gunwald | Dwarf Ranger 1 | Djuro | Slain by orc warrior when valiantly defending the Gate Tower in Eralion’s Keep | Lifespan: 1 session

Brah At Hamed | Human Barbarian 1 | Djuro | Cut down and unconscious by worm-zombie in Eralion’s Tomb. Killed by a warhammer blow to the temple by Blitz the dwarven cleric (fumble, 16hp damage to friend) | Lifespan: 2 sessions

Retired player characters

Hrunkah | Half-Orc Thief 2 | Berndt | Retired from adventuring after nearly succumbing to the life-draining powers on an ancient undead horror in the crypts under the Ruined Keep near Fairhill. Hrunkah is now leading a quiet life in Fairhill and can often be seen in the town tavern warning people of the dangers of adventuring | Active duty: 3 sessions

Main NPCs & followers

Jerinor | Fighter 1 | Caught an arrow in the crotch (fumble by Gunwald) | Session 2

Galdar | Cleric 1 | Slain by hp damage as well as fumbled poison save fighting a giant spider in Eralion’s Keep | Session 3

Darkwolf the Disinherited Noble | Hireling Man-At-Arms |  Head bitten off and spitted out by Kagrigor the Troll | Session 6

Fuldo the Pierced Halfling | Hireling Hobbit-At-Arms | Drawn below the surface of a dark pool by weird tentacle thingies in the Stoneheart Dungeon | Session 11

Garulf the Town Drunk | Hireling Man-At-Arms | Run through by a falling living stalactite and then partly eaten in the Stoneheart Dungeon | Session 11

Wee Dingwall | Hireling Torchbearer | Head bashed in by Mad Max style ogre in the Stoneheart Dungeon | Session 13

Ranulf the Bearer of Torches | Hireling Torchbearer | Bitten to death and partly devoured by a horde of giant rats in the Stoneheart Dungeon | Session 15


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