Background stories & portraits

Active characters

H.P Rennfarth is a policeman who works at the budding Forensics Department at NYPD. He recently inherited an antique shop in Greenwich Village from his father who passed away recently. He has no idea of what to do with it at this point. He officially knows Justin Case from police work but also because the two of them has been involved in some highly suspicious activity concerning evidence (drugs) missing from the evidence department. He thinks that Justin Case holds the key to some secret/treasure/knowledge (drugs maybe?) that he covets.

Carl Blackwater is a well-traveled journalist who has come in contact with mysterious and occult things in the line of duty. This is also how he met Jackson Elias many years ago. The two friends have kept contact over the years, despite them almost always being in different parts of the world. A few days ago, Elias contacted him via telegraph from a ship at sea, asking him to gather a good investigative team because he had sensational news about the infamous Carlyle Expedition that got massacred in Kenya some five years ago.

Edward Foxworthy is the eldest son of a wealthy owner of a coffee plantation in Kenya. The father wanted Edward to take over the family business, but after studies in both the UK and USA, Edward decided to pursue his dreams – a life of high adventure, hunting big game across the globe. Edward knows Carl from the African theater of the Great War, where both were involved. There, they acquired a common enemy (to be determined) – someone that has done something very wrong and that wrong must be avenged. Edward and Carl have kept the contact since then, in hope of someday being able to avenge the wrong that happened. During his big game hunts, Edward has heard of strange unnatural beasts whispered from locals in the dark around the campfires. At first, he dismissed this as hokum, but why are these stories so consistent in vastly different parts of the world? Somewhere, Edward suspects that there might be some substance to the campfire tales.

Slim Shady is a New York attorney-at-law who has previously worked with Justin Case on several occasions. Most often it has been defending the detective against various allegations of crime. Shady is a dandy and snob of the worst kind, and not really used to the harsh life as an occult investigator.

Kent Bengtsson is the kid brother of recently deceased investigator Ulla Bengtsson. And just like her, he has got a troubled relationship with their father, the industrial magnate in chemicals. Contrary to her, he stayed away from working in the family business and enlisted as a pilot during the war. His experiences in war-torn France left him a scarred man, both physically and emotionally. He was shot down burning and spent the rest of the war in a German POW camp. He returned home after the war as a physically scarred, disillusioned and broken man, making a day-to-day meager living by taking odd jobs as a show pilot at M.P’s Flying Circus and the occasional air pest control run. However, jobs have been scarcer lately due to his excessive drinking and drug habits. Currently, he has been living with his sister in New York (with her providing food and rent) subsisting on a moderate monthly allowance from their absent father (who they meet only on a few yearly family functions). Ulla meant all to him – she was his only solid anchor in the sane world and news of her violent death grieves him greatly but has also lit a flame of vengeance in his mind. He has now hooked up with the investigators to avenge his beloved sister and put an end to the evil that these deranged people and their minions.

Secondary characters

Herrman Germain is a German spy, stationed in Cairo to gather intelligence.

Preben van Task is a Danish treasure hunter, or as he likes to think of himself, a collector and businessman in the antique trade. He’s currently in Cairo to make the find of the century.

Walter Wannabi is a British explorer. Not the Dr. Livingstone variant, but rather Dr. Livingstone’s desk clerk. He’s currently in Cairo to find employment with an interesting (and lucrative) expedition.

Inactive characters

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Ulla Bengtsson is a Swedish descendant who works at Columbia University in New York, specializing in chemistry related to explosives. She has a preference for other women, but to her dismay, she is secretly infatuated with her long time friend Carl Blackwater. As a result, she is going through a rough time on the romantic level. Together with Carl, she has also met with Jackson Elias on several occasions. Her role in the investigations has been taken over by her brother Kent Bengtsson.


Justin Case is a somewhat dirty cop that has done some dubious acts both in the past and in the line of duty. His connection is that he was once investigated by Internal affairs for suspected criminal activity, but was cleansed of suspicions by an article by Carl Blackwater, and so he owns Carl his freedom. Justin has also done some work “on the side” for a mysterious man called Daniel Zomb, who reputedly works for an organization called The Wellcroft Foundation.