The Gallery of Honor | Masks of Nyarlahotep


Dead Investigators

Name | Occupation | Age | In-game lifespan | Cause of death

Ulla Bengtsson | Professor (Chemistry) | 48 years  | Lifespan: 6 sessions | Strangulation

Died at the hand (!) of a severed hand thing in an abandoned asylum at Hart Island, New York while searching for the kidnapped Lt. Poole.



Ulla Bengtsson


Slim Shady | Attorney | 46 years  | Lifespan: 5 sessions | Knife stabbing?

In London, Shady was sucked into the enchanted painting of Miles Shipley and subsequently was presumed stabbed to death by numerous Snake-men on a stone altar in an antediluvian swamp.


Slim Shady


Insane Investigators

Name | Occupation | Age | In-game lifespan | Affliction | Insanity duration | Asylum  location

Justin Case | NYPD Detective | 32 years  | 7 sessions | ? | Permanent | New York State Psychiatric Hospital

Case was left as a mindless husk after trying on the strange African mask a second time. No one knows what happened for sure, but after about 30 seconds of convulsions the mask fell off and Case has since been a drooling catatonic vegetable and is now in the gentle care of the New York State Psychiatric Hospital where he is being evaluated in order to determine his diagnose.