The Gallery of Honor | Masks of Nyarlahotep


Dead Investigators

Name | Occupation | Age | In-game lifespan | Cause of death

Ulla Bengtsson | Professor (Chemistry) | 48 years  | Lifespan: 6 sessions | Strangulation

Died at the hand (!) of a severed hand thing in an abandoned asylum at Hart Island, New York while searching for the kidnapped Lt. Poole.



Ulla Bengtsson


Slim Shady | Attorney | 46 years  | Lifespan: 5+9 sessions | Knife stabbing?

In London, Shady was sucked into the enchanted painting of Miles Shipley and subsequently was presumed stabbed to death by numerous Snake-men on a stone altar in an antediluvian swamp.

EDIT: Despite his strange demise, Mr. Shady actually returned to play the next session, with no memories of what had befallen him after the incident with the painting. The other PCs were, of course, overjoyed to see their friend again, but also sense that something is different about him: he seems to heal very quickly and act rather aloof at times. He has also started to show signs of unparalleled cruelty at times and seems much less empathic than before. Something happened to him, but what?? The “new” Mr. Shady has been around for 9 sessions.


Slim Shady


Insane Investigators

Name | Occupation | Age | In-game lifespan | Affliction | Insanity duration | Asylum  location

Justin Case | NYPD Detective | 32 years  | 7 sessions | ? | Permanent | New York State Psychiatric Hospital

Case was left as a mindless husk after trying on the strange African mask a second time. No one knows what happened for sure, but after about 30 seconds of convulsions the mask fell off and Case has since been a drooling catatonic vegetable and is now in the gentle care of the New York State Psychiatric Hospital where he is being evaluated in order to determine his diagnose.